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Compiling the source code

The source code of this project requires the following toolkits, SDKs and frameworks:

In addition you will need a registration as a Windows Phone/Xbox developer in order to be able to upload the emulator to your real Phone or Xbox360. You can run the emulator in the Windows Phone emulator.

Boot image

The emulator itself will not run unless it has the Atari Lynx boot rom added as a resource. There is a fake boot rom image included (Roms.resx in the Windows, Phone 7 and Xbox client projects), but you will need to replace the image file. You need to look for a file named LYNXBOOT.IMG on the Internet.

Replace the LYNXBOOT.IMG file in the Resources folder of any of the client projects.


The emulator will check the first 32 bytes of the rom image to check if you have replaced it with a (potentially) correct one.

Running games

You also need to add at least one rom image of a game to Roms.resx. You can add additional roms via Add Resource at the top.


The actual game you will run is indicated in the PcesGame.Initialize method:

emulator.Cartridge = romImage.LoadCart(new MemoryStream(Roms.Collision));

Change the name of the rom game image after Roms. where you should get IntelliSense to the new game if you have added it correctly to the Roms.resx first.

The method for selecting a game will eventually be improved and added to the UI of the emulator. For now, it requires a small code change and a recompile.

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